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My passion is hand painted glassware of my own designs and like many artists I am self taught. I have always wished I had some artistic ability but since I can't draw a stick person to look like a stick person I never dreamed I had the talent to paint until I picked up a brush dabbed it in paint All of those first pieces have been scrapped because as a perfectionist I knew that while they had potential they weren't up to my exacting standards. And with every piece I create I love what I do more and more. Each item is painted free-hand style which means that while a basic pattern will be carried to several pieces no two pieces will be exactly the same and every piece is its own unique "work of art". Each piece of glass tells me what it wants to be...some want lots of design while others feel that "less is more". And every design develops as I paint it - I do not use any stencils. The paint is heat-set for durability and rated dishwasher safe top rack but I strongly recommend hand washing in mild soap no harsh chemicals and do not allow items to soak in water to preserve the brilliance of the colors. Little about me , I am a single mother of three children , Christine , Lauren and Michael. My older two children are both in College , Christine is a senior and Lauren is a junior . Michael is a freshman in high school. I have dabbled in paint most of my adult life. Years ago I made wooden yard signs and Christmas figures. Last years I was searching Pinterest and came upon a beautiful hand painted wine glass. I thought I would try to do that. I made my friend one for her birthday . Then for ever birthday my friends would have I would give them a set . With encouragement from them. I started to paint I was lucky enough to have my friends bakery display some of my glasses. I will never forget the first time one sold. I was amazed that people wanted to pay for something I so loved. I sold some of my bride and groom glasses to a local florist. I have done so many custom orders for some reason I love the challenge they can be. I will try to post all of my glasses here. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me Ann

My children , Yes I am a very proud Mom!

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Hello and Welcome to my Google page. Im Ann, I have been painting glassware for about a year full time. I started last May but I have always been a crafty women. This is my passion, Nothing is better than the look on a customers face when they see the finished product they have designed. Need a special unique gift Visit my Facebook page there are hundreds of pictures of my work. I also have a Etsy Store https://www.etsy.com/shop/Brusheswithaview
Stop by and let me know you vistited. I love reading comments